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Hello! My name is Victoria. I’m a freelance tech content writer by day, a blogger by night and a 24/7 mom.

I started this blog to write about my experience of working as a writer in tech, living with a software developer and being a parent. This is where I’m not afraid to voice my opinions and write what I want in a light and humorous tone.

http://vitathewriter.com is the next step I took from the “Random” blog I’ve been writing on Medium. Be sure to check it out to read my previous random blog posts.

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Now, a bit about myself…

I started out as a technical writer, creating all kinds of guides, API documentation and crafting CVs for software developers. When the monotony of technical documentation started weighing me down, I took up marketing and later PR. For two years I have been writing for website pages, press releases, award applications, managing corporate social media presence and editing articles on software development.

It took me another year and one pregnancy to figure out what I really want to be doing – freelance writing articles about tech, gadgets, tools, frameworks, software and so on.

Now, I am a content geek passionate about tech and innovation, who’s into mythology, philology, raccoons and is a big Marvel fan. Really, a huge fan.

You can reach me on my Facebook page or email me at vitka.be(at)gmail.com

Have a great day!

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